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Over one million people commit suicide every year. Even though the act of killing oneself has not been fully understood due to different risk factors which vary from one to another, regular monitoring has become possible by measures and scales for identifying different symptoms related to suicide ideation and behavior. Medical, Psychological treatments, Clinical management approaches such as creation of  Safety Plan and Hope Box have emerged as protective tools against suicide (Joiner, 2011) alongside technologically mediated sources like telephonic Hotline and Internet support group. Continue reading

The suicide intent scale_Aaron T. Beck

becks suicide intent scale

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Trained psychoanalytically, I am primed not to ask what is true but what things mean. That doesn’t suggest that truth is unimportant, but it does say that fantasies and wishes carry their own significant messages. But this perspective depends on listening to a person, in person. It depends on getting to know that person’s life history, his or her struggles with family, friendship, sexuality, and loss. On the Internet, I feel unaccustomed desire to know if someone is telling “the truth.” Continue reading