Over one million people commit suicide every year. Even though the act of killing oneself has not been fully understood due to different risk factors which vary from one to another, regular monitoring has become possible by measures and scales for identifying different symptoms related to suicide ideation and behavior. Medical, Psychological treatments, Clinical management approaches such as creation of  Safety Plan and Hope Box have emerged as protective tools against suicide (Joiner, 2011) alongside technologically mediated sources like telephonic Hotline and Internet support group.

However, these approaches need to be enacted by an individual and are limited solely to providing consultations upon request by people. There is a continuing need for a variety of in/tangible objects targeted toward the mentally ill which could offer a  range of engagement with the subject in dealing with psychological needs. These subtle interactions through set of objects can also have less chance of being perceived as stigmatized treatment.

This project will consider situated contexts of suicidal people and create multimodal suicide interventions consisting of physical, digital materials and emerging technologies. Rather than envisioning a technical scenario where a real-time system collects personal information, analyzes pattern, predicts suicide and provides proper treatment, the focus will be on experimenting different levels of which design objects can embody therapeutic process for self-reflection regarding suicide. The investigation will point toward the possibilities and limitations that design presents for cognitive and behavioral therapy without disregarding the medical and psychological literature research; in other words, the purpose of the final outcome is not to replace any psycho-pathological and biological treatments, but to offer supplementary means to this pressing problem.


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